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Why Instagram For Marketing?

As we all know, in present day scenario, Instagram is extensively influential upon many users universally. The biggest advantage of Instagram is that posts are shared as images and videos publicly with a short description. Multiple pictures/videos may be uploaded on a single post. Such a feed deprives the need for exhaustive textual intervention by preparing contents and explanations. Viewers can merely identify the intentions by seeing the picture. The app uses a sequential program to present all relatively posted photos.

How does it help in marketing?

Messaging option is allowed in Instagram – you can add comments/likes and respond to others’ comments in threads just like email loops. The large follower base shall feel the convenience of an interactive platform for putting forth their thoughts and provide better understandability of public opinions. Availability of stories could be an added head which helps in exhibiting a group of photographs as a slideshow which can be effective to describe the details of the organization in an arranged format. Permanent stories could be preferred because the normal stories disappear within 24 hours of posting. There are more attributes that Instagram recommends to increase marketing using Insta.

Mobile Marketing:

The layout of instagram mobile website has been upgraded to arrange three photos in a row or array instead of the previous arrangement containing five photos. This aptly fits the mobile screen and offers more screen space in the user interface. Insta is the fourth most downloadable mobile app, which means it is as popular and as handy as required to reach maximum number of spectators.


Hashtags in Insta are trending and deemed the most popular on the platform. A hashtag title is prefixed by the ‘#’ symbol followed by an unspaced phrase that represents the purpose to be depicted. Ex: #FarmlandsinTelangana, #krvguru #pimsquare. One can find all posts tagged to a particular hashtag. Companies can draw followers by originating charismatic hashtags for their new products or offers or deadlines.


Videos furnish quite a good reach to audience in the form of ads or detailed annotation of their products and services. “Videos you might like” option may be chosen to highlight one’s videos to users who may be interested in the firm’s products. Videos up to 650Mb size and ten minutes duration are permitted. Verified and popular users are privileged to upload videos of 5.4Gb that can run up to 60 minutes. Instagram direct plays videos immediately when launched.

Live streams:

Live streaming of important occasions or happenings or product launches can be shared through links and aimed to promote recent occurrences in a concern to stay active amidst followers. An events channel is accessible to display desired live events, show products and narrate services.


Live filters on the app can be used to increase the picture quality. Furthermore, the app is updated so as to self crop, align, apply borders and modify the posted image and shows a list of options for the user to make improvements to the photo for better portrayal of one’s objects thus enticing the first impression of the user upon your products. Focus mode focuses on the objects of interest rather than unnecessary background disturbances. Explore option displays popular photos in nearby locations of the user and helps them to identify investment opportunities, trending boutiques, etc.

The app is always prone to high demand among public for redesigning and updating. Insta has also declared to implement new features to avoid harassment and negative criticisms. Watch out for the capable app to rule and channelize marketing.

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