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Website Design

There are few things that you should look before you start designing your website. Designing of your website plays an important role to attract and engage your audience. We have noted few design mistakes that you should avoid while designing your website.

1. Even though design is the most important criteria to engage and attract your audience, Try to avoid noisy designs. Be organized and keep the website simple and clean.

2. Clear and understandable navigation structure: Keep the navigation structure of the website simple and meaningful for both the search engine and your audience.

3. Stay away from broken, confusing and misleading links.

4. Content and text are highly important for a website but it does not mean that you will keep long and boring text to read in the website.

5. Do not use flash and other high media files in the web page, so that It will take much time for loading.

6. Check out for the existing design of the website with the industry benchmark updated websites. Plan it and design accordingly.

7. Keep the contact details, quick enquiries and CTA’s accessible.