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Website Content

Content is King. The most important part for any website is to have a unique, information rich and meaningful content. Plan your content perfectly, go through some reference websites, analyze your competition and write down the structure of your content for the website on a paper. Make it hierarchic based content such as Heading, Category, Sub category etc. Try to include long tail keywords in the content and make sure that it is meaningful. Arrange your content such that most important and the necessity information should be placed on top. We have noted few points below for the effective website content.

Engage your audience: Write conversational content on your web page. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your web audience and write down the content accordingly.

Unique and Original: Having a unique and original content increase the trust on the web page from the users as well as search engines.

Attract your audience: Do not write long paragraphs mentioning all your history and skillsets from the start of the page. Make it clear, simple and concise for the audience to understand why they have landed there.

Be Consistent: Have a planned content strategy or blueprint so that you can deliver consistency in your content. Make sure that your team also on the same boat.

Do not confuse your audience with number of CTA’s (Call to Actions) in the website. Make it clear for the users to read through the content so that they can understand what you are trying to convey in the content.