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Video Marketing in Digital Marketing

It is easy to remember videos, images rather than content. Videos play the important role in digital marketing to reach and engage the target audience. It is advisable to create innovative and interesting videos for your customers. YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo are some of the video platforms online. YouTube have the major market share and highest number of audiences follow videos in YouTube.

So, what kind of videos you should create for your audience might be your question. Let us discuss about those.

  1. Tutorial videos about your products/services.
  2. FAQ videos about your products/services.
  3. Promotional/ advertising videos.
  4. Testimonial videos.
  5. Product launches.
  6. Motivational videos.
  7. Interest of your target audience.

As modern customers spend most of their time in watching videos, hence video social channels are one of the major platforms for the marketers to reach their audience. Let us see some of the benefits of video marketing.

  1. Brand awareness and boosting.
  2. Better SEO.
  3. Videos can educate, entertain and engage your target audience.
  4. Increase in website traffic.
  5. Conversions.
  6. Selling tool.
  7. Mobile marketing.
  8. Vast reach to the targeted audience.

These are some of the ideas to create videos for your target audience and engage them through the videos. Let us discuss some of the important checklist points for video marketing.

  1. Understand your target audience interest and behavior.
  2. Have a proper and professional channel in (Video social networks).
  3. Respect COPYRIGHT.
  4. Put some CTA’s (Call to actions).
  5. Write down Title, Description of the videos properly.
  6. Make the videos in HD with clear sound.
  7. Put your logo watermark in the video.
  8. Have contact details/ Call to action in videos.
  9. Less time videos but impact should be high.

Use the above-mentioned tips in your video marketing to reach your target audience. Having high quality videos render best results.