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Types of SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO: This White hat technique is made using fair and ethical means to implement SEO. This is the proper process of SEO to achieve the best rankings in SERP by agreeing to the guidelines laid by search engines algorithm. The other term of white hat SEO is Ethical SEO. This method SEO is developed for users and not for search engines.

• In white hat methodology perfect keywords research is done, then the required keywords are kept on the HTML page.

• Create useful, information rich, Original content is used instead of copying it up from any other webpage.

• Properly structuring HTML tags and perfect CSS designs for the web page which helps Search engine to easily navigate or scan through each element of a web page.

• Good links, high quality links, trust worthy links should be linked to your website. The inbound links should be connected to all your required web pages rather than connecting only to the home page.

Black Hat SEO: This is exact opposite to white hat SEO. Following unfair methods to achieve the best ranks in SERP. In this method no rules, guidelines and terms are followed. It is called as Spamdexing/Cloaking method also. This method is targeted at search engines rather than on users.

• The Black hat methodology consists of a web page full of keywords, key phrases such as spam created only to target search engines.

• Does not follow search engine guidelines to get better ranks in SERP.

• Link manipulations and link schemes are done.

• Hidden text or links.

• Duplicate content with redirected web pages.

• Creating pages, Sub domains and domains.

• Doorway Pages.

Summary: Hence, it is better to implement white hat methodology instead of black hat methodology. It may get late to display your website in SERP but it is better to go with white hat methodology. Remember, we have to do SEO for better ranking in SERP, but it does not mean that we will write the web content for search engines and optimize our website accordingly. We have to write the content looking at your target audience and readers. Hence, following white hat methodology is better for a web site.