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Types of Search Engine Optimization

Before we discuss the types of search engine optimization, let us understand what is Search Engine Ranking? And why it is important? When a search engine gets a request for the search query it displays results it has retrieved from the database. It shows billions of search results in few seconds with number of pages under it. The position of your web link in the SERP is your search engine ranking. Let say there are 10 results displayed in the SERP and your website link appears on the first position then the rank of your website will be 1.

As per the online survey the first result (URL) of the page gets 44% of the clicks whereas the first page gets 89% of the clicks. The high probability of online consumers end up their search within the first page of SERP. Very few go to the next page to find the result of their search. So it is important to appear in the first page of SERP. This can be done by the concepts of SEO. Let us discuss about the types of SEO available to achieve the best search engine ranking.

There are two ways of optimization for search engine

  • 1. On-Page Optimization
  • 2. Off-Page Optimization

Search Engine optimization can be done either on website or off website. Let us discuss about these two concepts.

On-Page Optimization: On page optimization is done on HTML pages of the web site so that it can rank better in search engines and improve searcher interaction or engagement level.

Keyword research (Keyword selection, relevant keywords, moderate keyword, content) and code enhancement plays an important role in on page optimization. It includes Keywords as per search query, Meta title, Meta description, HTML Tags and code enhancement.

There are few concepts that we should follow while preparing a website for on-page optimization. You can learn those in the next chapter.

Off-Page Optimization: Off page optimization is done off the website. The concepts and techniques applied outside of the website/web page to achieve the best results in the SERP page are off-page optimization. Some of the off-page optimization techniques are link development, social media marketing, search engine marketing (paid services or advertisements), article submission, social bookmarking, video marketing and many more.