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Title Tag and Meta Tag

Title tag is the HTML tag. This tag is put inside the Head Tag of HTML coding. The content that displays in the head of the browser window. Title tag plays an important role for SEO. Search engines crawl the title tag to understand about your web page content. Search engines has laid some guidelines for the title tag. Before going further let us s[Abstract]ee how the title of the web page looks like in HTML coding.

    <title>SEO - Title Optimization</title>

The title looks the similar way as mentioned above. Every title tag should follow the guidelines of the search engine.

1. Title tag should be less than 60 Characters.

2. Title Tag is meant to be an accurate and concise description of the webpage.

3. Do not write more keywords in title tag.

4. Unique and original title.

5. Put important keywords first.

Meta Description: This is the HTML attribute that describes the concise idea of the web page. This is between 2 to 4 sentences in length. Even this is put in the head of the HTML coding.

   <meta name="description" content="This is an example of a meta description. This will 
    often show up in search results.">

Even search engines have guidelines for Meta tags.

• Meta tags description should be less than 300 characters.

• Avoid duplicate Meta description. Try to write original description of

the web page.

• It should relate to the idea or the content of the web page.

• Do not put double quotes in Meta tags.

Meta description acts as an advertising copy in SERP. Users get through this description and land in your website. It increases the click through rate. Creating perfect description with keywords can increase the click through rates in search results. Make sure that you are writing it perfectly with an expert suggestion.