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Social Media Marketing in Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a platform where people share and like the content which they like most. It is from the research found that 75% of people in social media love to share the posted content if they really like it. It is the same old word of mouth marketing, but the difference is that we are making it online. It is Word of mouth marketing powered by the online technology to build the brand in short span of time. Thanks to the Internet that we are hitting our target numbers through online. Social Media marketing is the platform or online technical tool used to build relationship, attract customers and keep in touch with them. It is a great way to get repeat business or even get referrals and leads.

The benefits can be, it is free and you can reach huge number of audience with one post. According to a research 73% of small and medium business organizations have started their social media marketing at an early stage. I believe it is really a great and competitive marketing tool for the startups without spending any amount of money on marketing campaigns. It was really a tough task for the marketers in the earlier days to spread the awareness for the brand. But now marketers can easily spread the word and build a brand online at no cost. Even though there are paid promoting tools in social media several business use free postings to market their products and services

Several business organizations motto is to achieve profit and reduce the costs. Social media marketing really helps the organizations to reduce the cost of marketing and increase sales leads. It can be a point of sale or a platform for new and existing customers. Social Media marketing (SMM) really increases your website traffic.

Major Platforms for Social Media Marketing:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube

There are number of social networking channels available in online market, but most of the audience or users are present on the above-mentioned social platforms. Hence, most of the business use these social media channels to reach their target audience.