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SEO Tools

There are number of SEO Tools available to check your SEO score and level. It is always advisable to use some of the best SEO tools from the leading players available at zero cost. No need to pay for the initial version usage. But, still there are various packages and subscription licenses are available on their websites. Some of the tools are:

1. Google Analytics: This is a complete free tool from Google, to understand the data analytics of your website.

2. Google Search Console: This is also a tool from Google for free (Previously Google webmaster tools) used to check the visibility and indexing status of your website.

3. Google Keyword planner: A free tool from Google to do research, verification and update for the keywords of website.

Other available tools are:

1. MOZ Local.

2. Small SEO tools.

3. SEM Rush.

4. Backlink Watcher.

5. Similarweb.

6. SEO Site checkup.

7. Ahref’s.

Still there are lot of promising tools available online to check the SEO status of your website. Based on the results you can plan and remodify your website SEO strategies.