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SEO for Website Development

Website is the primary step for an online business. It is your sales representative for online business. The better the sales pitch the best would be the results. Here we have written information for the SEO and its requirement for a website. The complete concepts of this topic is to make you understand the effectiveness of digital marketing for a website. On-page SEO method is all about Website page/s optimization. Let us discuss it step by step.

Website Domain: When you are planning for an online business most of the people think that they should have a different domain name with SEO friendly keywords in the domain. Even Most of the SEO experts also suggest to have a keyword stuffed domain. The reality is that you are building your online business for the users but not for the search engines. It is true that having a keyword domain may help you to get good results in SERP. As we have discussed earlier in Black hat SEO about the Keyword stuffing and SPAM, it is better to have a user friendly and meaningful domain name. Do research and brainstorming sessions to understand the domain name (Keyword+ meaningful). Try to make it catchy and relevant.

We have discussed for the website domain, now let us go through the need of a website and SEO for it. Below mentioned are some of the parameters or mantras that you should look for before moving on for website and online business.

1. Who are your target audience?

2. What is your line of business?

3. Your Geographical and behavioral segmentation?

4. Why you are developing online business?

5. It is about business goals and need of your target audience.

6. Analyze your competition.

7. Your branding goals.

8. Mission, Vision and Values for your website and business.

9. Design (look and feel) of the website.

10. Make it mobile friendly (Responsive Design).