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Role of Content in SEO

The most important part of SEO is content. As defined by experts and search guidelines Content is the King for an effective SEO. The displayed text on your website is said to be the content. Even it includes other parameters also. Having a unique content on the website will increase your chances of better ranking in search engines. We have been studying about various techniques and process for a better SEO, but ultimately Content is the most important character for an effective search engine optimization and rankings of webpage in SERP. If you follow strict rules and guidelines related to content then for sure your website will be positioned well in search ranking.

Some of the checklist are:

1. Most important write the content for your user, not for search engines.

2. Unique, High-quality, information rich content.

3. Try to engage your target audience with interesting content and images.

4. No Duplicate content on any form.

5. Mind the copyright for the content.

6. Do not copy it from your competition.

7. Keep a watch on keyword density.

8. Keep the content simple, concise and short.

9. Do not confuse your target audience.

10. Do not keep long paragraph content on the web.

11. Do not use heavy media files on the web.

12. Use Keywords perfectly.

End of the day content is your weapon for a better SEO. Content can be in any part of your website. It may be in Web pages or in blog posts. If you have duplicate content then your website will not rank well in the SERP. So, what is duplicate content? Let me brief you, Duplicate content means that similar content is being shown on multiple locations (URLs) on the web. As a result, search engines don’t know which URL to show in the search results. So, this might hamper your search engine rankings. It is advisable to write unique and original quality content for your users not for the search engines.