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On-Page optimization Checklist

• Title tag of the web page should be optimized with the relative keyword of that webpage.

• Meta Tags of the website should be optimized and it should be carefully written including keywords related to the content of the page and meaningful for the user.

• Mind your URL, do not write any underscore in the web page URL. Try to keep some keyword in the URL and it should match with the web page content.

• Use H Tags of HTML, Try to use H1 tags for the titles and H2 tags for sub-titles. Most of the experts suggest to use H1 to H6 tags in the web page on various parameters.

• No Flash Videos, Try to avoid flash videos in the banner of the web page. It may slow down your website loading. Even Search engines can’t crawl flash videos.

• Responsive Design should be the important criteria for the website. Because the use of mobile devices has a steady growth and most of the users browse through mobile devices only. So, it is suggestable to have a responsive designed website.

• Content of the website should be unique, there should not be any duplicate content written on the web page. Content is for the user and not for the search engines. It should be written clean and simple so that it is meaningful to your web users.

• Try to do Image optimization by writing alt text for all the images in the web page.

• Check Google page speed insight for your website and modify the errors accordingly.