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Important Marketing Tips for Facebook

Be Professional: Make sure that your facebook posts are professional. Your posts will represent a company. The message is from a company on social media channel. So, before posting anything in facebook, you need to recheck twice or thrice.

Use of Hashtags: Using hashtags in the content can generate or attract number of followers and impressions. But, using too much hashtags can hamper your content. It may be considered as SPAM also. So, beware while writing the content using hashtags.

Campaign Hashtags: If you would like to do something different and make it viral on facebook. Then start your own campaigning strategy with a # hashtag word. Make it short and simple. It should be memorable and catchy. The campaigning # should sound local but the reach should be global. Ask your followers to like, share the post with the # campaigning word in it. Make sure that you will engage your audience with the campaigning.

Trending Hashtags: Using trending hashtags is good to have huge number of impressions and shares. But, make sure that it is related to your company’s business. For Ex: if your company is into FMCG Industry and where as you are doing a tweet with a trending # of entertainment Industry which is not at all corelated. But there might be few situations where it can work. Majority of the trending hashtags are good for individuals and small businesses.

Add Image & Video: Try to add image or video to your facebook posts, it will have a good impact on the targeted audience. They can easily understand what you are talking about.

Engage with Polling: Create a Poll that your audience may like to get engaged. Try to post polls related to the trending topics and poll segments of your Industry.

Post Message: Make sure that you will establish a positive brand voice and facebook strategy. Be original with your facebook messages. Convey the message correctly. Reflect your companies or brand core values on facebook.

Have Conversations: Engage with your audience by having a conversation on relevant topics. Make sure that you are not arguing with them. It should be a soothing and positive discussion. Have a healthy mix of replies and organic facebook post comments.