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Google SEO Algorithm Updates

Google has been updating its search algorithm very frequently. As per experts it changes 500-600 times in a year. But, major algorithm does not happen frequently. These algorithm changes and updates may hamper your website performance in search engine rankings. In every algorithm it explains some of the important parameters and guidelines to follow for the SEO. Some of the known and updated Algorithms are:

1. Google Panda update.

2. Google Penguin update.

3. Google Hummingbird update.

4. Google pigeon update.

5. Google Mobile update.

6. Google Rank Brain update.

7. Google Possum update.

8. Google Fred Update.

Each of these updates have been released for various reasons and hazard correction for the websites. Based on these algorithm updates you have to resolve the errors (if any) in your website. Never try to trick Google with some tweaks in your website, this might hit your rankings completely.