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Creating Facebook Page

Creating Facebook Page

Facebook Page is the first or the primary step for the business owners to create the page and start marketing. Before discussing the marketing strategies in Facebook let us discuss how to create a Facebook page.

The facebook page can be created for various business and categories. So, you have to make sure that in which category your business is in.

Once you logged into your account, click on the create button. Then click on the page.

Select which page you would like to create. Whether it is for business/community/public Figure, based on your requirement click Get Started.

If you have selected Business or Brand, and after clicking on the Get Started you will get a pop up. Write down your page name and category.

After giving the details, Add profile pic and cover page pic. Even you can skip for now.

After adding the details, you will be landed to the Page that you have created as shown in the below image.