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Checklist for Social Media Marketing

  1. Online Reputation Management – Recheck everything before you post.
  2. Design a logo, profile pic, cover photo for the social media and try to keep the same one in all the social network channels.
  3. Know the voice and style of your brand, target audience. Post your social campaigns based on the required parameters as discussed above.
  4. Be transparent, try to engage your audience as much as you can.
  5. Use hashtags (#) in your post write-up.
  6. Be clear while you post in social networks.
  7. Use colors for your post that make a clear statement about your message.
  8. Do more networking- join the groups, conversations etc.
  9. Use your social media campaigns to promote your content.
  10. Keep your posts/information interesting.
  11. The post should be visual, clear, and relevant.
  12. It should include a call to action.
  13. Provide shareable content or posts.

The last but not the least “Be Consistent”