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Some Terms to know

Post: An image which is uploaded in the Instagram is referred as Post. You can upload images with Geotags, caption etc.

Caption: It is the place where you have mentioned the text for the uploaded post. For marketers, it is the place to cook # (hashtags) in it. Please note more than 30 # tags is not good, it may attract for SPAM also.

Username: As already we have discussed, about username. That it should represent your business name. So that people can find you with your username.

Likes: As like other social media platforms Instagram also has like buttons in the heart shape. You can like the image by simply double tapping the post or by clicking on the heart icon.

Follower: A follower is the one who follows your account. The follower can see your all feeds and stories.

Comments: The feedbacks, suggestions, love, wishes, talk, chit-chats and discussions etc. what you will get under your post.

Explore (Search) – It will help you to find or search the username if anything you are looking for. Even it works as a href=”/” screen of Instagram feeds where you can discover other users feeds also.

Menu – On the top right corner you will have menu, by clicking it you will find Nametag, Saved, Discover People and in the below of that screen “Settings” icon.

Name TAG: Nametags can be used by people to find you easily instead of using your username. It is the similar kind of snapchats snap code and Facebook messenger code.

Boomerang: Boomerang from Instagram makes everyday moments fun and unexpected. Create captivating mini videos that loop back and forth. ( As per Instagram).

Post Photos and Videos:

When you open the Instagram app after login, you will find a square with a plus symbol in it. By clicking on it you will get another screen where you Instagram automatically activates your mobile camera. So that you can choose an image already saved in the gallery folder of your device or you can use your mobile camera to click a new image. You can select multiple images by clicking on the “Select multiple” button on the image. Even you can combine your photos by clicking the collage icon. You can create boomerang also. (A feature of Instagram: Please refer Terms section).

You can crop the image by zoom in and zoom out the image. Even you can upload videos either with an option mentioned below as “Video”. After adding the image with crop, you can add the caption, geo tags etc. and share the post on Instagram wall.