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Setting up Instagram Profile

It is important that you should have a resource, or you should manage your complete social media including Instagram to get the better results from your social media accounts.

Instagram is available both on web and mobile, but you can manage posts from Mobile app only. So download the Instagram mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store (If you have not done, yet).

When you open the Instagram app, you will option as:

  1. Login with Facebook.
  2. OR Signup with e-mail or phone number.

If you already have an existing account, then you can Login with those credentials.

Sign Up : Signup the Instagram account with business e-mail. So that you can link to the Facebook business page.

Enter your account details with complete full name and actual details of your business, so that people can recognize. This is not the username, it is just to display your name to the visitors of profile.

You can pick your username, try to create a username that is recognizable and represents your business name. Even there is an option to change your username later but try to do it at first slot. Try to avoid underscores, hyphens, dots, abbreviations etc.

Profile picture: Create a profile picture with your logo or simply keep your logo as profile picture. Whatever be the image you upload, it will keep it in a circle so try to keep some space around it. Try to keep it as 110X110 pixels (For mobile) or 180X180 pixels. (This is for Web). Both are not different but try to keep the larger image only.

Bio: it contains of 150 characters to write. So, try to write about your business and why your audience should follow your profile. Keep URL in the bio so that followers/visitors can click on that URL to visit. You can put your website URL or any YouTube video of your business in that. Try to use URL shortners like Bitly to short the URL and keep it in the Bio. You can click on Edit profile option to change/edit your profile details whenever required.