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Post Engagement

We have discussed for how to make posts in Instagram earlier. But, for a marketer and business owner it is important to know that how you can make the post engagement levels high with your followers.

Hashtags: Use hashtags relevant to the post in the caption section. Based on your hashtags, people can discover your post based on the search query.

Story Telling: Try to pass on a story with your posts. Make the images or videos more attractive and use the perfect retain colors to engage the audience.

Follow a Theme: Create a theme to follow on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Or try to mix it with a campaign that you are planning to do.

Community: Involve influencers, mentors, beneficiaries in Instagram who have large number of followers and can help your post to get high engagement rate.

Educational Posts – Use some of the tips or information to post an educational content in Instagram. Which can help some of your target audience to get engaged with it.

Industry News and Trends – Follow your Industry news and trends. Share them on your Instagram wall with your thoughts on those.