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Instagram Marketing

It’s been 8 years that Instagram has taken the internet world by storm. It started as a regular social media platform in the year of 2010. But now it is a complete marketing channel for all types of business. Be it a startup or a small business Instagram is the perfect platform for the business marketing. Let us see some statistics to understand the importance of Instagram for marketing.

With Twitter Marketing you can:

  1. As of June 2018, there are nearly 1billion monthly active users.
  2. 500 million daily active users.
  3. Like button is hit an average of 4.2 billion times per day.
  4. Brands see engagement rates 10X higher in Instagram than they do on the Facebook.
  5. 70% of user’s lookup for a brand in Instagram.
  6. 80% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram.
  7. 60% of users learn about new products through Instagram.
  8. 30% of users say they’ve bought a product they discovered on Instagram.
  9. More than 200 million users visit a business profile at least once daily.

By looking the above statistics, it is clear that our most of target audience are present on Instagram. And, it is the apt digital platform to reach target audience on time. So, you might be thinking to start your Instagram marketing journey now. But, how to get started with Instagram marketing. Let us discuss the steps below.

Instagram Marketing Strategies:

Get Fix on your target audience

Determine your target audience in Instagram. For whom and the reason that you are posting content on Instagram. Check out the followers profiles, their interesting behaviors, likes etc. Have an eye on your competitors or parallel business followers to have an understanding of your strategies.

An Eye on competitor strategies:

Focus on your competitor strategies for the Instagram marketing. Stalk their profiles and check for their style of writing the BIO, Profile picture, URL’s etc. Check their number of followers and how they are doing so differently that their Instagram profiles are good. Some of the aspects or important point that you should consider are:

  • Check out their image/video posting styles, themes, colors, retain strategies.
  • Check out their comments section, what their followers or people are loving to discuss with them.
  • How regularly they are posting the content.
  • What are the niche strategies that they are following.
  • What popular hashtags are they using in captions.
  • Check out if anything is missing.

Brand Consistency:

Follow a brand consistency by looking at your brand identity. How would you like to position your brand to your target audience. What is the brand value or score you are planning to hit? Manage a perfect branding combination with your posts and content so as to meet your branding goals at right time and right place. If your content, posts and themes are different, then there might be a chance that your audience may get confused.

Paid Campaigning:

You can start using paid campaigning or Instagram advertising strategies to reach the target audience. It will connect with the Facebook advertisement dashboard. So, try to link your Facebook business page with Instagram account and create a paid campaigning strategy over Facebook ad dashboard. You can choose the metrics that you would like to work for your business goals.

  1. Brand Awareness.
  2. Reach.
  3. Traffic.
  4. App Installs.
  5. Engagement.
  6. Video views.
  7. Conversions.

Based on the above objective and your selection, you can plan your budget for the advertisement. You will find the Promote button in the below of your posts.

Check the length of your captions:

Work on the length of your captions, Make sure that it should not cross 2200 characters. Put the most important content in the first two lines of the caption. So, it is not necessary to keep yourself struck with 2 sentences only. It is a story telling medium, try to write engaging content with some story telling ideas with it. Use the Hashtags as per your post and content. Do not make the caption clumsy with numerous hashtags. While sharing your content on Instagram try to use geotags, Which have high rate of engagement compared to a normal post.

How to use #HashTags:

This is really a tricky and interesting thing that a marketer should look for. While posting a content on the Instagram try to do a brainstorm with your team for the keywords related to the post. Then go to the explore tab of Instagram wall and search for that #hashtag including Geotags. Check for the most recent, top hashtags, branded hashtags etc. Use them properly in your caption. Encourage your audience to use those hashtags while in conversation. Please make sure that you do not make your post caption a SPAMMY one.

Instagram Tools:

Tools are an important aspect for every social media marketer. Because you can strategize, optimize and analyze your posts with the help of tools. There are number of tools available online, but let me put forward few of them which can help you to understand for the usage and features of it.