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Important tips for twitter account

As you are creating account for your/client company or business, so make sure that the details what you are filling are correct and professional. Each element of profile is important as this is a replica of your business card.

  1. Add profile photo (Try to keep your company logo)- Profile pic size: 400X400.
  2. Add header image: (Try to keep the header image neat and clean, by conveying the products and services clearly). Header pic size: 1500X1500.
  3. Add Bio (Write the details for the page and company details in short).
  4. Location: Add the company location, if you have multiple branches, then keep the head Quarters details.
  5. Website: Add the company website details clearly.
  6. Theme Color: Choose the theme color for the profile, try to have the theme profile matching with your logo color (approx. is also fine).