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Important Terms of Twitter

@mention:: This is the basic term used in twitter to mention your contacts or to any other person in twitter. For ex: @pimsquare to mention about our academy on twitter.

# (Hashtag): : The symbol # is known as Hashtag. This symbol is used before the words to make the topic or context to be searchable easily. People can easily find the topic easily by searching the keyword using the hashtag.

Home: Your twitter home where you can see the streams of tweets. (to the followed accounts).

Follow: If you would like to have an update or conversation with an account then you can subscribe or follow the account by clicking follow button on the mentioned account.

Following: This is the statistics that shows the number of accounts that you follow.

Followers: This is the statistics that the number of accounts follow you.

Bio: Your short description about your company profile (Summary of company profile in one shot).

Direct Messages:Users can communicate directly and privately with other contacts on twitter.

Like: : If any one likes your tweet means, they have appreciated or liked your tweet.

Retweet: It is the same concept as that of Facebook sharing. Your tweet can be retweeted with or without quote ( comment).

Who To Follow: This is the suggestions of twitter accounts to follow based on your account profile and details.

Trends For You:Hashtags for the day or the trending hashtags for the day on twitter.

Twitter Button: A button which you can embed to your website, so that if any user clicks on it they will land on your twitter account page.

Twitter widget: A widget available on twitter account, which you can embed on your website by adding the mentioned code.