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How to Tweet and What to Tweet?

Most of the marketers get confused of what to tweet and how to attract followers for the account. Even if followers are there, the question would be How to engage them. So let us first learn the basics of tweeting for a professional marketing process and method.

The twitter messages or tweets consists of 280 characters excluding images. You can send plain tweets or write down what you would like to convey to your followers by writing in the available box. With the message you can upload images, GIF files also.

Does Plain Tweets Attract Followers?

Most of the new users write plain tweets in the box, but does it make sense? I mean can these messages attract followers. The answer is no or very little. While writing plain tweets it might reach to your existing account followers or few of the other followers, based on the impact of the message or content. But it may not reach to the large number of audience.

Sending a Tweet or Tweeting a tweet

Once you sign in to your account, in the home page you will find a box as shown in the below diagram. Make sure that your tweet is within the character limit of 280. After typing the text message in the box, you can click on the tweet button to proceed further. Once done you can see your tweet in the home timeline. You can add a thread tweet to your tweet by clicking on the plus button mentioned near the tweet button.

Usage of Hashtag

Hashtag is used before the keywords so that it can be easily visible in search results to the related topic. Using hashtag can attract no. of followers or it can increase the impression ratio. There are different types of hashtags in the twitter marketing. Some of them are campaign hashtags, brand hashtags, location-based hashtags, Event Hashtags or the Trending Hashtags. We will discuss about each hashtag in the tip’s session.

Image Posting

As discussed earlier you can add images by clicking on the image icon below the message text box. After clicking on it you can upload the required image. Make sure that the content and images are corelated. Make sure that these looks professional.

Creating a Poll.

You can create polls in twitter by clicking on the poll icon below the text box. You can write the question in the text box and choices or options in the mentioned sections as shown in the below image. The poll length lasts for 1 day.