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E-mail Campaign Strategies

For any e-mail to be effective you have to follow few steps.

  • Planning.
  • Design & Develop.
  • Text or the body of the e-mail.
  • Delivery of the e-mail.
  • Tracking and monitoring of the data.

These 5 are most important parameters for any e-mail campaign to be effective. But As per DMI, for e-mail campaigns you need to follow 4 steps such as:

Data: You need to have Data ( Validated) to send successful e-mails.

Design: Design of the e-mail should be professional.

Delivery: Scheduling of e-mails and delivery details. and

Discovery: Track and monitor data of open rate etc.

Layout Specifications for effective E-mail
  •  Use soothing colors for images.
  •  Use perfect CTA’s.
  •  Should be less than 700 pixels wide, All important content must appear in top 300pixels of an e-mail.
  •  Use basic HTML5.0, avoid using JS, image maps, attachments, and embedded media.
  •  Avoid using flash/other plug-ins.
  •  Should be visually appealing.
  •  Standard HTML font formatting procedures.
  •  Do not keep important content matter only in images
  •  Must have an unsubscribe link.

You can use some of the popular E-mail marketing tools which can help you to automate your e-mail process with analytics.