Pi M Square

1.       Site Navigation Should be search friendly.

2.       Scripts should be placed outside of HTML documents.

3.       Use content properly that search engines can read. (Write content for the user not for search engine). Make content meaningful.

4.       Use unique content. Check with the duplicate content.

5.       URL should be search engine friendly.

6.       For Ex: https://www.krvguru.com/digital-marketing-services ( Yes).

                     https://www.krvguru.com/digital4marketing_services  ( No).

7.       Please do not use any underscores in the URL.

8.       Do a research, identify & use relevant keywords that are useful for your customer business. Check the end user of your client business. Then think from their point of view & implement keywords accordingly.

9.       Optimize page titles & meta descriptions.

10.   Optimize page content.

11.   Optimize Header in the content. Try to use HTML Head tags.

12.   Build Relevant & high PR web links.

13.   Highly credible directory sites link.

14.   Register with Google Search Console & Google Analytics.

15.   Utilize internal links.

16.   Streamline your website load time. It is better to keep it for less than 2-3 seconds.

17.   Use Google guidelines for Title Tag & Meta Description. (Check with No. of characters.).

18.   Use unique metadata.

19.   Check all the pages for duplicate HTML meta description & title tag.

20.   Do a competitive backlink, content & website analysis.

21.   Block pages that you don’t want search engines to get index.

22.   Never neglect image alt attributes.

23.   Follow W3C standards.

24.   Use Google My Business for local SEO.

25.   Maintain a healthy link profile, because the search engine always prefers authorized links.

26.   Remove the thin content. It is not going to help your SEO.

27.   Use one H1 tag, do not use multiple h1 tags.

28.   Use XML sitemap for your website.

29.   Before you migrate from http to https, Change all the internal links first.

30.   It is always suggestable to have quality of content & backlinks.

31.   Adding breadcrumb to your website will enhance SEO & user experience.

32.   Try to add “Near me” keywords in the ad & content strategy. Because it will enhance the voice search results.

33.   Choose a domain name which is easy to remember & less than 15 characters.

34.   Try to use long tail & local keywords for potential rankings.

35.   Try to implement chatbot in the website, Good way to engage your customers.